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  • 5 Lessons From My Grief

    Six years inside complicated grief taught me many things. Five of them I can put into words and onto paper. I have a feeling I will be learning from her the rest of my life. Six years inside complicated grief taught me many things. Five of them I can put into words and onto paper. […]

  • 4 Striking Truths About Suicide Loss

    But I am not alone. On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds. This means that each year there are over a million families, like ours, living with the aftershocks of suicide. My experience has taught me a few lessons that I feel compelled to share, in the hope that shining a light […]

  • Using Your Grief to Positively Influence Others While Also Heal Yourself

    I’ve often wondered why comforting others makes me feel so much more alive. Recently I’ve realized that having walked through the fire, I may be specially equipped to help others make the passage, and survive. I have an odd kind of superpower. I can look at people who are suffering and feel immediate empathy for […]

  • 9 Action Steps For Overcoming Loss And Grief

    “You can love, lose and survive. You can fall to your knees and cry in pain. You can feel a horrible, crippling emptiness, yet recover and fill yourself up again. We all seem to survive it.” – Dr. Phil In his book, Real Life: Preparing for the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life, Dr. […]

  • 6 Mindful Strategic Tips to Recover from the Shock of Loss

    I don’t believe we ever get over a significant loss, but we do learn to move through it, live with it, and perhaps even use it creatively to find our life’s purpose and harvest its lessons. Today many of us are dealing with devastating losses in our lives, from natural disasters such as the earthquake […]

  • How our Body Really Processes Grief

    Here’s what’s going on mentally and physically when you lose someone you love 1. Your Heart – Heart attacks are more likely, thanks to the trifecta of increased blood pressure, heart rate and clotting. One small study in Circulation found that the risk is 21 times higher than normal in the 24 hours following the […]

  • Start Acting Empathically And Stop Talking Empathy

    For companies to truly win fans and motivate employees, “empathy” has to be more than a word. It needs to be translated into specific action. During my last full-time job as an executive leader, my colleagues and I were asked to stand in front of the entire company and talk about which of the organization’s corporate […]

  • How To Practice Self-Compassion To Improve Resiliency

    What we mean by Self-compassion >>> accepting yourself as the imperfect person that you are. When you embrace the idea that you’ll never be perfect, you can accept that mistakes are an important part of your life’s journey that contribute to who you are. Being kinder to yourself also boosts your resiliency and makes you […]

  • 10 Tips To Cool Your Temper

    Before we delve into the – 10 Tips To Cool Your Temper – You need to know that keeping your temper in check can be challenging. Use simple anger management tips — from taking a timeout to using “I” statements — to stay in-Charge Do you fume when someone cuts you off in traffic or […]

  • Your Emotions Are Normal

    If you’re grieving a loss, it’s normal to have questions and to wonder what to expect as you move over the process of grief. But know, Your Emotions Are Normal. You may wonder why you have certain emotions or if it is normal to have the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.  You may ask yourself […]

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