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Grief Support Network Conference

For example, a person who experiences complicated grief, which is a type of grief that makes us feel stuck, will be unable to get past the feeling and move forward.

Grief is insidious, and it permeates all aspects of a person's life.

In this conference, you will learn how to identify and manage several issues relating to grief and loss. This conference will also help individuals and families understand the complex emotions of loss and the impact of grief. You would also be given some of the tools needed to help you begin the process of moving from grief towards healing

Conference Objectives

This conference was specially designed to help participants:

❗Gain a deeper understanding of grief as a complicated mix of emotions we feel in response to a loss of any kind.

❗Become more comfortable speaking about and competent at identifying grief

❗Learn what factors complicate a person’s natural grieving process and how to assess a griever's behaviour to determine whether they are stuck

❗Create more awareness about grief support groups

❗Become knowledgeable about Interventions that are readily available.

So, If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of grief (particularly prolonged and complicated grief), find out how to support yourself, others and the community (by acquiring the right tools), understand the power of speaking up and getting support, and learn healing milestones that can encourage adaptation to losing, then this conference is for you.

Grief Support Network Conference 2022

Theme - Finding Healing When Grief Gets Complicated or Prolonged

Date: August 27th, 2022 | Time:  10am (WAT / +1 GMT) | Venue: Ground Floor of the LCCI Conference & Exhibition Center, 10 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Drive 101233 Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos

We all experience loss in our lives.

It is an inevitable part of being human. Some losses we grieve over, manage, and are able to move past; other losses put our life on hold, leaving us feeling stuck in the pain and grief.

While grieving is a normal response to death and loss, for some people, the grieving experience is more severe and debilitating.

In this conference, we will explain how and why grief can become complicated. We will discuss how to identify when a griever is stuck and how you can help guide them to a healthy grieving path - through education, coping skills acquisition, spirituality, and therapeutic processing.

We will also be showing you how powerful and profitable it can be when one is able to make meaning out of his or her most painful losses, by sharing with you the experiences of people who have been through the journey.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of grief and what can lead to complicated grief

Participants will be exposed to grieving tools for intervention

Participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of support groups

Participants will learn healing milestones that can encourage adaptation to loss

In summary, Grief Support Network Conference 2022 is about the following:

✔️ Grief literacy and advocacy

✔️ Grief awareness and education

✔️ Grief and bereavement support

✔️ Common reactions to prolonged grief

At the event, I am also going to be launching my first book titled:

When It Hurts: Understanding Grief and Practical Steps for Moving Forward with Life after a Loss

I am also inviting you to join us for the book launching aspect of the conference.
The event will be held on the Ground Floor of the LCCI Conference & Exhibition Center, 10 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Drive 101233 Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday 27th August 2022.

The conference starts at 10 am, and the book launch is scheduled to start immediately after the conference.

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