22 of the worst and most insensitive things to say to someone who’s grieving

  1. You need to put this behind you.
  2. It was not meant to be.
  3. I thought you would be more upset.
  4. He brought this on himself.
  5. Everything happens for a reason.
  6. It is not good to visit the grave so often.
  7. Others have it worse than you.
  8. Are you over her yet? She’s been gone a long time.
  9. You must be strong.
  10. You know that he cannot get into heaven until you accept his death.
  11. Why are you still crying?
  12. She wouldn’t want you to be so sad.
  13. If you separate his ashes, he will never get to heaven.
  14. You are still young; you can always remarry.
  15. You never really got to know the baby.
  16. At least the other twin lived.
  17. God wanted him more than you.
  18. Heaven needed another angel.
  19. God will never give you more than you can handle.
  20. I know just how you feel.
  21. Don’t let the children see your sadness.
  22. You do have other children.